Solo performances of compositions from my favorite composer:

Elite Syncopations, written by Scott Joplin

Sunflower Slow Drag, written by Scott Joplin

Solace, written by Scott Joplin

A Breeze From Alabama, by Scott Joplin

The Projects

A Chicago collective, featuring Paul Foster on bass, Brandon Campbell on Sax, Kevin Richey on Trumpet, Don Cardiff on guitar, Scott Borchert on keyboards, too many drummers to thank and even more singers:

You’ll Have What We’re Having, LP

Long Way Back to Your House, single

The Lady Wants to Win You Over, single

The Howdy Neighbors

Still killing it across Chicago’s honky-tonk scene after Scott’s departure, The Howdy Neighbors deliver the classic Western Swing sound that balances sophistication with hootin’ and hollerin’! Thanks to Speed-Fi Productions for recording the Neighbors first demo:

The Howdy Neighbors

Guest Appearances

Thanks to Off the Turnpike for asking me to sit in at summer 2015’s Rock ‘n Roll Prom. Whitney Houston with double-bass? Hell yes.

Mike Przygoda produced and arranged Marie Cole Hunt’s take on Mingus’ Self-Portrait in Three Colors (Something Else), with Chris Greene, Kristina Lee and Scott


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